Coach Corky Field conditioning CSN baseball squad

New CSN baseball coach Chris Sheff’s baseball team should not only be good — probably very good — but the Coyotes should have an even greater edge by being in better condition than their opponents.

The CSN squad is taking the Unbalanced Force Factor training program from coach Corky Field and Debra Stefan. Forty-two CSN players are training five days per week either in the morning or at night.

Field wrote an e-book on the Unbalanced Force Factor program which is one-third weight lifting, one-third conditioning and one-third speed, agility and balance.

Why should baseball players go through this training program?

“I think it will enhance strength, speed, agility and explosive power, especially rotary power,” Field said. “It will bring their bodies more conditioning and make them less susceptible to injury.”

Field said Sheff and his staff are very pleased with the UFF training program.

Field said the CSN players are also on board with the program.

“As a group, this is one of the easiest to coach and enjoyable to work with,” Field said. “I’d like to think they have bought into the program and the feel it is going to help.”

Phase 1 of the program will last three months.

Field was the starting fullback on the 1983 NCAA Division 1-AA national champion Southern Illinois football team.

Field’s younger brother, John Field, was a freshman “Special Team Assassin” on that Saluki squad.

In the third round of those playoffs, Southern Illinois somehow defeated coach Chris Ault’s Nevada Wolf Pack, 23-7, in Carbondale, Ill. I don’t know how that happened.

Corky Field was a four-year starter at SIU.

Besides being a personal trainer, he is a volunteer assistant wrestling coach at Bishop Gorman High School. John Field is the head coach.


Joey Gilbert not in as tough as it seems

Joey Gilbert of Reno will meet former IBF light middleweight champion Kassim Ouma on Sept. 25 at the Grand Sierra Hotel in Reno.

People who don’t follow boxing closely might wonder what Gilbert is doing fighting a former champion.

Especially considering that Gilbert has selected his opponents as carefully as any fighter could do. Not that Gilbert, a former Bishop Manogue athlete, is the only fighter to have done that, but he has done it about as safely as possible.

Although Ouma has overcome many obstacles since his youth in Uganda, he is not the same fighter he once was. And that is to say the least.

Ouma has lost five of his last six fights and the one fight he won was against an opponent with a losing record. To be fair, Ouma did lose to five good fighters, none of whom Gilbert could beat.

Ouma will also be stepping up in weight to the middleweight limit. Gilbert will be dropping down from super middleweight.

For his last bout, Gilbert weighed 172 pounds. Ouma weighed 153 for his last fight. Now they are fighting each other.

One fight when Gilbert did step up in class was against Northern Nevada rival Jesse Brinkley of Yerington on Feb. 14, 2009, in Reno.

Brinkley absolutely dominated the fight. He won all 12 rounds on two judges’ scorecards and 11 of 12 rounds on the third judge’s card. It was as one-sided as a fight could be and still go the distance.

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